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President Ran Guisheng Visited Hui Nationality Students of our college
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In order to promote the construction of the harmonious in Tongren preschool education college, help minority students overcome difficulties in life .Better integrate into colorful College life.President Ran guisheng,vice president DengChuan ,office dean Xiao Hongtao,secretary of Preschool Education Department Lu Daojing, dean of the Department of preschool education Yang Tingshu, and the person in charge of the administrative department of Preschool Education Department, went to Hui Nationality students’ dining hall.

First of all, Ran Guisheng expressed greetings and encouragement to Hui Nationality Students and consulted them whether adapted to the situation of campus life and told the students have any difficulties to reflect to the school as soon as possible, President pointed out that national unity is the glorious tradition of the Chinese nation, It’s very important to construct harmonious campus, there are many students who are ethnic minority from all over the country. Everyone is a member of the national family, Leaders hoped that under the campus of national integration , solidarity, harmony, cherish learning opportunities, and strive for success. The country will become more prosperous .

At the same time ,Leaders remind the student to keep warm with the weather that turns cold.. The work of minority students, the school through activities in various forms so that the culture can integrate in the intersection of college family, bloom civilized and harmonious light. Let the students feel the warmth in the cold winter. In a word.Students must study hard, all-round development, for national unity, to make own contribution to social progress.

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