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2015 Tongren Pre-job Training of New Kindergarten Teachers Being Held in our College
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2015 Tongren Pre-job Training of New Kindergarten Teachers was held in our college on July 11. The six- days training is for the 310 new employed kindergarten teachers in Tongren in 2015.

During the opening ceremony, president Ran Guisheng introduces our college to the trainees and hopes that they can improve professional skills and teaching level through this training. Tian Xueying, as the representative of students, says she will treasure this opportunity and finish the training tasks carefully so as to put what she has learned in teaching practice.

At last, Li Hongping, the deputy director of Pre-school Education Research Center, requires the training students to change their old teaching concept, listen to the lessons carefully, and improve their professional knowledge and teaching ability so as to make contribution to the rapid and sound development of Tongren pre-school education.

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