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Three Initiatives of Tongren Preschool Education College, Carrying Out a Solid Mandarin Popularizing Campaign
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To effectively carry out “the Nineteenth National Mandarin Popularizing Week” , fully implement the laws and regulations of China’s language policy, promote and regulate the use of the national common language, promote socialist core values and the fine traditional Chinese culture, enhance China's cultural soft power, and help occupation education development, Tongren Preschool Education College through creating the atmosphere, sending education to the countryside, showing activities these three initiatives, carries out a solid Mandarin popularizing activities.

1. Atmosphere creating. It aims to better implement the promotional work, and effectively enhance the effect of publicity, and create a strong atmosphere for promotional activities of Mandarin.

2. Send education to the countryside. Our school contacts a rural school, to carry out promotional activities of Mandarin to the countryside, through training and related art programs display, so as to drive the promotional work in rural schools.

3. Activity show. Our college holds the games of classic reading, blackboard competitions and other activities to urge teachers to regulate the use of words and Mandarin, being a good guide of students.

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