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President Ran Guisheng Visiting Attached Experimental Kindergarten
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Attached Experimental Kindergarten of our college began to enroll young learners of new semester on 30th of August. President Ran Guisheng, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhu Baoxian, Vice President Fu Wanfu were accompanied by people from relevant departments who came to the scene of attached experimental kindergarten. Leaders have consulted a series of work about the registration. At the same time, they greeted each of young children and young teacher, then communicated with parents of young learners friendly and carefully.

Ran Guisheng have inspected the situation of the whole kindergarten, learned about the infrastructure and looked up the environmental design for each class. In addition, He has given some opinions to young teachers and head of kindergarten.

Ran Guisheng special emphasized that safety was the basis and prerequisite for all the work, kindergarten must regulate the management, strict implement registration system about entrance and export of Kindergarten. What’s more, leaders should have thought and responsibility to ensure security of each child and campus stability .

Finally, Ran Guisheng have put forward a several requirements to kindergarten responsible person to get well done the whole work, fully reflects the concept of our college "love and respect" to ensure that children can learn happily and grow healthily in Kindergarten.

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