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Vice President Deng Chuan Checking Cultural Work Construction of Department of Foreign Languages and Tourism
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On September 19th, vice president Deng Chuan guided the cultural work in Department of Language and Tourism. At first, Yang Huixin, the dean of Department of Language and Tourism, made a detailed report on department cultural construction, teaching and scientific research, and student affairs management etc.

Since the new term, all work of department were carried out in order. They paid more attention to the freshman education and military training among students management. After watching the cultural wall about our department characteristics of literature and knowledge, Deng Chuan spoke highly of the rich contents and prominent themes. At last, Deng Chuan claimed that except for strengthening the cultural construction, we should lay more stress on the freshman education and military training at present. What’s more, teachers’ development and students’ management should not be ignored. At the same time, we should devote ourselves to the development of our college.

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