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Tongren Preschool Education College offering car service to freshmen
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On September 17th, it was the first day to register. In order to supply the best service, some teachers organized car service team. They drove their cars to pick up freshman.

At 10 pm, about 20 teachers from 5 departments prepared to drive their cars to railway station and bus stop. Each car had the same sign—green ribbon. The teachers helped the students to move their luggage into the car, and then drove the cars back to school. They did the same thing from morning till night.

“It is a meaningful and innovative activity. It not only expresses teacher’s sincere love, but also a kind of good action to contribute themselves for society”, said Zhu Baoxian, deputy party secretary of our school. At the same time, the car service team was received a lot of praise, which came from the freshman and their family. “When I reach here, it is made a deep impression to me that the teachers drive their cars to take us. I feel very warm in the bottom of my heart”, said a freshman.

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