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Tongren Preschool Education College
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    With approval of Guizhou government, Tongren preschool education college is established in Sept.2012 on the basis of transformation and upgrading of its predecessor Sinan normal school. As the only full-time preschool education college in Tongren city, it locates in Chuandong educational park in the northern suburbs of this city.


     Tongren preschool education college covers an area of 357 mu, and its building area is 66000 square meters. Now, there are 188 staffs, including 152 full-time teachers, and 38 of them have Master’s degree. Among all the staffs, 50 are associate professors or above, 62 lecturers, 22 graduates by attending class for further studies on postgraduate’s courses in Beijing normal university and other universities, 2 special-grade teachers, 1 the national first prize winner and 1 the second prize gainer of Zeng xianzi education funds, 4 winners of the provincial outstanding teacher in charge, the provincial May 4th Youth Medal, the province's top ten outstanding youth mention and the province's advanced communist youth league, 3 winners of professional tip-top talents of municipal outstanding contribution prize, 10 the first and the second prize winners of municipal literary prize, 4 members of national working committee of middle school, 6 members of Guizhou subject guiding committee of the five-year college education, and 5 group leaders and 8 group members of Centre Group of Guizhou middle-school subject,


     With a long history, Tongren preschool education college was originally established by Liwei a famous neo-confucianism in Wanli time in Ming Dynasty, and then its name was Weiren Academy. In 1919, the academy changed its name as Sinan normal school, until Dec.2012 the present name “Tongren Preschool Education College” came out. Sinan normal school has been commended for nine times by national ministries, and consecutively awarded as "red flag civilization unit" and "double qualified school" for four terms by Guizhou provincial party committee and people's government. In 1987, the former Chinese president Hu Jintao (then he was provincial secretary of Guizhou) visited Sinan normal school and fully affirmed the achievements gotten by this school.


    In recent years, the college’s education and scientific research have achieved great development. At present, among subjects in research there are 2 items belonging to the "Twelfth Five-year Plan” of Chinese preschool education research association and several provincial subjects. Teachers have written national or provincial teaching material for 166 species, published 5 monographs and gained 50 prizes in national and provincial papers collection competitions. Meanwhile, young and middle-aged teachers have compiled more than 100,000 words in national periodicals, and published more than 1200 papers and works in periodicals at or above the provincial level.


  Since China's reform and opening up, Sinan normal school has gotten rapid development, and was identified as one of the three key junior colleges in Guizhou by the provincial government, hence it became the cradle of training rural primary school teachers. For over 30 years, the school has expanded unceasingly, and its education management and the teaching quality have been constantly improved. It has trained more than 15000 graduates and more than 3000 teachers in middle schools and primary schools. 18 graduates was named the national advanced teachers, 130 the provincial advanced teachers, more than 600 the city or the county advanced teachers, and more than 500 have become principals of primary and middle schools or leading cadres in party and government. One of the typical representatives Liu En is one of the candidates in Moved China in 2003, the national labor model as well as the national excellent teacher. In 2009, approved by the Tongren municipal party committee and municipal government, the school was removed from Sinan to Tongren. After 3 years of time, the college basically completed its overall relocation by hard work and unity of all the staffs. And in Sept.2012 the school fully opened in the new campus.


  Two happy events came one after the other: the relocation of the school was basically completed, and the transformation and upgrading has been successful, which brings new opportunity and a new starting point to the development of the college. Our goal is to build such a preschool education college which is the first-class one in Guizhou, the guidance in the Wuling mountain area and a certain influence across the country. Through further expanding the education scale, increasing investment, improving the hardware and software, promoting the teaching quality, broadening the recruitment channels, the college in five years strives to increase the number of students to ten thousand, of faculty to 800, of full-time teachers to 700, and the proportion of associate professor or above to as high as 50%. To well develop the college, expanding its education scale is not enough, and the more important is to improve its connotation. The key of connotation construction is school-running characteristics, teaching quality and talent training; what’s more, science and technology Is the core. The school will improve education quality with scientific research, promote scientific research with talents and keep the direction of development with characteristics.


  By the time of the provincial education booming, Tongren preschool education college is speeding up its development with a new outlook. The college is closely around the goal of "the characteristic brand school", adhering to the educational ideology of "quality ensures school, connotation guarantees development", highlighting the style of characteristic school-running, strengthening students' professional skills training, cultivating a team of teachers with “well trait , high quality, good physical health, excellent temperament" to preschool education and primary education, so as to compose a new chapter for the national basic popularization of pre-school education and consolidation of the elementary education. The new historical mission of achieving a comprehensive upgrade transformation and exploring a new realm in the new platform is to create a famous school brand, build Tongren preschool education college into a first-class school with high starting point, high standard and feature in Guizhou province and Wuling mountain area. All the teachers and students of this college are more high-spirited and confident than before, who will continue the enterprising spirit of exploration and innovation to cast new brilliance.


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